Friday, September 26, 2008

My new/old Monitors!!

So yesturday I was chillen keeping busy, when i recieved a text message from my pops, letting me know that i could have his Behringer Monitors, and that it's an investsment to me and my music!!! I've been making beats threw my head phones for a year, which is okay....but i needed to hear my music out loud. So I just appreciate my Pops for something that is going to help me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Timbaland Presents: The Fall Of John Doe, And The Rise Of D.O.E

If you haven't already downloaded the Mixtape, you should go right NOW and do so! You can go to his web site and download it for FREE!!! I have 4 track on the album, #4 The Tortious, #9 Apple Juice, #10 Bags Packed, #11 Still Me. So go and download the free mixtape, and spread the word! also check out my myspace for updates, and video's!

Also here is a video of Timbaland & D.O.E Listening to "Apple Juice" Produced by Me!