Wednesday, October 1, 2008

***eXcLuSiVe PeEk*** JYD!!!

Just because I LOVE you guys, i'm going to give you an exclusive sneak preview of whats to come from The Junk Yard Dawg (JYD), and I. This is a clip of a studio session we were in, we are currently working on his most anticapated mixtape "almost famous"! Be on the lookout for updates! Peace!


Here is another old video of my dad's band and I at a venue Downtown Minneapolis!
Bobby (dad) on keys, with Christopher on guitar, Rahbein on drums (R.I.P), Blair Lee on bongos, and (Me) DJ Jock on MPC/Sound effects! Check It out!


Hello World, i have an old beat video for you to check out! it's a couple yrs old, so don't laugh! CHECK IT OUT!